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Glencoe-Scotland 2020

5 Day/ 6nights

Number of guests: 13 (including Steve Gosling & Mike & Jackie)

Accommodation standard: 4 star LINK

Tour Cost: Single room £3240 per person

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Experience a week-long photography workshop in Glencoe, Scotland with three international landscape

luminaries - Steve Gosling, Jackie Ranken & Mike Langford. Join in their conversations with the landscape

and learn how they each analyse, intellectualise and visualise what is before them.

The evenings are long, and the spirits are intoxicating, as you experience their different ways of constructing

and deconstructing their photography. You will learn to understand how it can be, that three great

photographers can stand in the same place, at the same time and come up with totally different visual ideas.

Join these three great photographic minds and share in their passion, excitement and love for photography.

Earlier Event: October 19
Turkey Autumn 2020
Later Event: November 26
Turkey 2020